Replacing Mac Hard Drive

Replacing my Macbook Pro Computer Hard DriveI decided to risk it… today I took apart my MacBook Pro – the only computer I have access to for work. The instructions are very clear and I’ve found there are videos online showing everything.

My aim was to remove and replace the hard frisk drive. This involved removing screws from parts of the case and each side then lifting of the keyboard, disconnecting it, then disconnecting the hard drive, removing more screws and brackets then removing the hard drive.

This all seemed to work well. I put in the new hard drive and reversed the steps taken to remove the old one.

I booted it up holding down the Option key to install OSX Lion from the recovery disk. Very quickly the new hard drive whirred away and fast became hot, and it was not detected by the system.

I went to the Apple store and they said the new drive could be faulty, I’ve since found where I can get it and the tools for much cheaper elsewhere, so I plan to return it.

So I had to go back to unscrewing everything again, take it all out, put the old back in and boot up again.

I have to say I was relieved to see the original boot up OSX and work as normal! 🙂

I have now contacted the shop and requested return instructions, and I will be placing an order with another shop, but first I shall call in at the Maplin store to look at their PC maintenance tool kits.

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