The Thames Festival

The Thames FestivalIt was a huge weekend in the second week of September 2012. The end of the most successful Olympic games Britain has ever had and it was on the home games, some athletes won their country’s first Olympic medals as well.

However there was another big event not so much talked about: the Mayor’s Thames Festival, which included fairs and performance across the city in celebration of life in London and celebrating the people and many cultures in the city.

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I took a lot of photos such as those above, and have I put the best into a gallery on Flickr, to view the gallery and leave comments, click here. I go through so many batteries this weekend, such as this video below that I made.

The carnival was great and fun experience, but some may the best was yet to come. The finale to the weekend festival was the huge firework display. It is one of only three displays on the River Thames. The other two are 5th November (Guy Fawkes Night) and New Years Eve.

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